Hi, I’m Paul Lye, a Certified Life Coach, helping you create the clarity and focus you need to reclaim your story or write a new one.

With my personalised approach to life coaching, I provide transformative support that focuses on personal improvement, self confidence and empowerment to create positive change.

Building momentum is the key, and after a session with me, you should feel energised and confident that there is a plan to move you forwards.



Paul approaches every situation with compassion, empathy and understanding. He has the ability to build confidence and self esteem with gentle kindness. He listens and knows exactly how to approach a situation, using practical tools that really work. He is the most insightful person I’ve ever come across, applying his knowledge, experience and insight to every situation creating a life I had only ever dreamed of where the future is truly exciting. His energy and passion for ‘squeezing life’ is infectious. When I say he has changed my life, I don’t say it lightly. Since talking to Paul, I have achieved things I never would’ve believed possible. I highly recommend him.Input your text in this area.


I have been coached by Paul for the last few months and (as cliche as it sounds) it has had a profound impact on my life. I found him on the Bark website where I was contacted by five life coaches...Paul just cut to the chase. He has his own style for sure! The way he is able to make you consider your actions and question your motives helped me understand better how I approach my work, life and relationships. 
With this understanding he then was able to help better develop strategies to improve my self-esteem. He has armed me up with a virtual tool kit which has been life changing. 
I’d highly recommend his coaching to anyone which feels a bit lost with their career or needs someone to help them better understand themselves. I know you only asked for a few words Paul !:)


Paul helped me when I was struggling with work/life balance and felt overwhelmed and stuck in a rut. He was recommended by a friend, and although I was apprehensive as have never gone down the coaching/therapy route, I found him very approachable and easy to talk to, he helped me to work through the challenges and be able to make decisions that have helped me to feel back on track again. Highly recommend.


Paul was instrumental in helping me work through several issues related to my work and life balance and future career options. He walked me through various approaches and methods that helped me navigate a really challenging time.
I cannot recommend Paul more highly for anyone that needs general life coaching, whatever the issue or life challenge. His energy is infectious, and his support and advice proved invaluable in my getting to a place of greater clarity and direction in my day-to-day life, both personally and professionally.

Ally M

As someone who has faced the challenges of grief and trauma firsthand, I can say with confidence that Paul Lye is an exceptional guide for individuals navigating their own difficult journeys. His empathy and understanding come not just from professional training, but from a deep well of personal experience.
What sets Paul apart is his ability to truly empathise with his client. He doesn't just offer textbook advice, but draws upon his own wisdom to provide a level of comfort and reassurance that is so often missing in traditional coaching relationships, allowing a client to open up naturally and in full confidence and reassurance they are in a safe space to be heard. 
Perhaps most importantly, Paul instills a profound sense of hope. He demonstrates, through his own life experiences, that healing and transformation are possible, even in the face of what feels like some of the most challenging circumstances. 
If you are struggling with loss, trauma, or any other deep personal challenge, I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. His expertise, empathy, and unwavering support will be an invaluable resource on your journey to wellness and personal growth.

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Whether you are searching for a fresh perspective on life, aiming to reach a specific goal, or you're looking for advice on how to navigate the business world, I offer a variety of services and products that are designed to unleash the very best in you.

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Individual coaching sessions designed to help you reclaim your story, or write a new one.

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Group coaching sessions designed to restore confidence and regain clarity in business and life.

find out if RECLAIM, RESTORE or REIGNITE is right for you, email:

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A series of online coaching programs and workshops designed to reignite your self belief and confidence.

Helping you create the clarity & focus you need to reclaim your story or write a new one

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